of an axe

An OCHSENKOPF axe stands for top-grade craftsmanship.
It is still the pride of the traditional tool industry in “Bergisches Land”.

Out of the forge and into the forest

First of all the forged blanks are sawn off from rolled C60 tempering steel. After that the red-hot blank is shaped on a forging press and the hole is made for the eye. Excess burring is removed and the glowing blade is beaten out on the forging roll.

Final shaping takes place under the forging hammer. That's also the moment where excess material is being trimmed and the axe gets its first rough grinding.

After this step all of our axes get a permanent marking by means of a stamp bearing the manufacturer’s symbol. Then the cutting edge will be tempered and hardened to ensure our blade's famous hardness and toughness.

As a final step the blade's surface gets sand blasted and a fine-grinding of the cutting edge. A crowned cut increases its stability and transparent varnish protects the axe head from corrosion. After that the handle is inserted and clamped to the handle. The triple clamp provided by one wooden wedge and two ring wedges ensures a lasting and safe connection.

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