The OCHSENKOPF timber scriber

Marking your territory

We're all familiar with the coloured marks that can often be seen on numerous trees during a Sunday stroll through the woods. But what looks at first sight like pretty graffiti is actually based strictly on logistics, and is a sophisticated form of reference in forest husbandry. Often simply called "markers", as the correct term used by foresters is "marking", it is a process that is used as an aid to the drivers of harvesting machines when thinning and for the timber harvest.

Types of marking

Today, foresters use spray paints, coloured tape made of plastic or paper fleece, coloured dots, marking chalk – and also still use timber scribers or an axe. The advantages of the most common practice here, marking with spray paints, are obvious:

1. Highly visible

2. Easy to use

3. Low transportation weight

However, the use of spray paints is not without its risks or disadvantages:

1. Toxic ingredients

2. Recurring procurement costs

3. The general appearance of the wood is reduced by large areas of marks

Advantages of the timber scriber

The advantages of the timber scriber are obvious. No chemicals are used; there is no impairment in the appearance of the wood or forest and, thanks to its long lifetime, the scriber can be used for many years.

Where to use a timber scriber

The advantages lead to the timber scriber being used in very many areas, especially in the USA, where they are still used to mark the huge, centuries-old trees, so called landmarks as foundation stones. This is because of the long lifetimes of these exceptional trees. Coloured marks would fade over the years, but marks made with a timber scriber can still be seen with ease after long period of time.

However, the timber scriber is no less popular on this side of the ocean. Even if the choice of the optimum marking tool leans towards colour marks, the timber scriber offers another advantage in forestry work. It can be used to quickly remove tedious tree diseases such as fungal or bark beetle infestations or to carefully remove them for further investigation. The timber scriber is used as a scraping tool to loosen the affected bard.

OCHSENKOPF timber Scriber OX 80

The Timber scriber OX 80 by OCHSENKOPF was designed specifically for use in forestry. As well as being used for the chemical-free, permanent marking of trees, it can also be used to remove pests and minor tree diseases quickly and easily. The practical folding pocketknife shape and stainless steel hardened blade guarantee safe and permanent use in the most diverse areas.

OCHSENKOPF Spray can holder OX 128-0000

The perfect companion for the Timber scriber OX 80 or for those to prefer to use a spray can is the Spray can holder OX 128-0000 by OCHSENKOPF. As well as enabling the use to store spray cans on their belt, it can also be used to store other forestry marking paints or tree wound treatments in tubes.

All ready for the new season

with the OCHSENKOPF accessories for measureing and marking wood.

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