Choosing the right OCHSENKOPF forestry tool

- 08.06.2018 -

Axe, hatchet, splitting hammer and the rest:

Lopping trees, taming rampant shrubs or splitting firewood – these tasks can all basically be carried out with any kind of forestry tool. However, the various implements such as axes and hatchets are designed and optimised for specific purposes, and so the choice should be made to suit the particular task. The blades of both have a crowned cutting form that remains sharp for a long time. However, a hatchet has a shorter handle than an axe (up to about 40 cm) and a relatively small cutting angle, which size makes it much lighter. The classic Forestry hatchet with wooden handle (OX 235 E-0602, € 40.58 including VAT) and the All-steel hatchet (OX 270 GST-600, € 50.10 including VAT) by OCHSENKOPF are ideal for splitting smaller logs or kindling.

And because large, solid pieces of wood require more strength, axes are the ideal solution here. Axes have a longer handle and are heavier, which increases the impact. Factors such as the user's height and physical condition are also important considerations when choosing the right axe. A hatchet is held in one hand, whereas both are needed for an axe, which minimises the impact of every blow. Someone who is tall and strong will find it easier to wield a heavy axe with a long handle than someone who is short.

There are also differences between the various axes for different purposes. The OCHSENKOPF Universal Gold axe (OX 620 H-1257, € 103.89 including VAT) is for universal use. The shape of the axe blade with the thin edge is equally suitable for light felling, lopping and splitting. All-rounders are helpful, but specialists are more efficient. If, for instance, the axe is only to be used for splitting, then a Splitting axe (OX 630 H 2757, € 143.40 including VAT) is ideal because the wedge-shaped head geometry minimises the amount of effort required. A greater head weight is helpful when striking. The ROTBAND-PLUS handle sleeves by OCHSENKOPF protect the handle and increase the weight by about 300g, which increases the impact. Thanks to the forged hammer head with a turning nose and extra-large striking face, driving-in wedges is effortless with a Splitting hammer such as the BIG OX (OX 635 H-3009, € 111.03 including VAT). Heavy splitting axes or splitting hammers are also useful helpers for logs that are interspersed with branches, which require more effort to split. Splitting hammers are suitable for hardwood, splitting axes for softwood. If these factors are observed when selecting forestry tools, then working in the garden and forest will be made much easier.


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