Sharp all-rounder for forestry work:

- 10.16.2018 -

the ILTIS® high-performance forestry axe by OCHSENKOPF

With the combination of high-quality special steel, low weight, a lower risk of breaking and easy re-sharpening, the ILTIS® high-performance forestry axe by OCHSENKOPF is a reliable helper for forestry work. The tool, which is as strong as it is precise, is perfect for lopping, felling and arboriculture. The blade is consistently thin and hardened almost to the eye to achieve a greater cutting performance with less effort. The bending forces that occur with every blow are taken up and absorbed. This reduces the risk of breaking, and therefore extends the lifetime of the axe.

The ILTIS® high-performance axe is available in three versions. The models EUROPA OX 10 H (RRP from € 85.68 including VAT) and KANADA OX 15 H (RRP from € 76.40 including VAT) are identical in function, the only minor difference being in the shape of the blade. The forestry tools are available with heads weighing between 800 and 1200g.

The ILTIS® series includes an additional Canadian model: the Double ILTIS® axe OX 16 H (RRP from € 148.63 including VAT). This double axe has two blades, which means that one axe can be used for two different cutting forms for various tasks and requirements.

All the models in the ILTIS® series have a handle made of long-fibre hickory wood, which makes them extremely bend resistant and fail-safe. They also have a triple safety wedge and offer optimum safety and a secure grip. The high-quality special steel remains viscoelastic even at low temperatures, which means it can also be used continuously in extremely cold weather and on all types of hardwood. The axe blades are finely polished, and the axe comes with a blade protector. Re-sharpening by the user is easy and, if carried out professionally, eliminates the need for re-hardening. The axe is ergonomic and efficient in use thanks to its low weight combined with the handle shaped like a cow foot.


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