Using an axe safely is also a matter of the handle

- 12.07.2016 -

Whatever you need an axe for, safety is always the most important consideration. And that is not least a question of the handle.

A good axe has a handle that is made of strong, hard wood. The DIN standard calls for ash as the minimum. Ash is short-fibred and elastic. It buffers the oscillations when hitting, which reduces the stress on the joints.

Ash or hickory?

Ash is the standard, hickory the choice. This flexible, unbreakable wood of an American type of walnut is 3 to 4 times stronger than ash, durable and vibration reducing. In the event of the handle breaking, its long-fibred structure offers more safety than short-fibred ash because the axe handle is held together and the head cannot freely break away.

The connection between the handle and the head is just as important as the breaking resistance and elasticity of the handle. With our axes, multiple wedging of the axe head with one wooden and two ring wedges, and above all the original ROTBAND-PLUS system, guarantee maximum safety and efficiency. The wood, ring wedge, fixing plate and screw connect the axe handle and the head in a safe unit. The ring wedge distributes the clamping force in all directions. The fixing plate is inserted firmly to the top of the head and reaches right down into the handle. Furthermore, the long red steel sleeve reinforces the handle at the most common breakage point, and offers protection if the handle does ever break.

Axe handles are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Most axes have a hoof-shaped handle; splitting mauls always have a knob at the end. Both designs provide a firm grip and prevent the axe from sliding out of the user's hands. The weight and size of the axe need to be right to ensure that you are able to use it safely and enduringly, and the handle must fit well in your hand. You should also take these factors into consideration when purchasing an axe. Using an axe is only enjoyable if it is the right choice and of the highest quality.

Your choice of axe and handle is, of course, determined by your personal requirements and the intensity and frequency of use. But you should always focus on one thing: your safety.


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