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- 09.06.2018 -

with the OCHSENKOPF accessories for measuring and marking wood

Remscheid, August 2018: when it's time to prepare the forest for the harvest, it's time for the forester to start marking trees. Coloured marks in the form of circles, dots, lines or letters are used to identify the operational processes in sustainable forestry. Processes for which OCHSENKOPF offers the right tools and equipment for marking and the subsequent measuring (cutting to length) of the wood.

The spray cans that are used for this purpose can be stored in the OCHSENKOPF Spray Can Holder (OX 128-0000, RRP € 16.24 including VAT). This makes sure the marking colour is ready to use. Alternatively, the tree wound treatment can also be kept in the holder.



Wood can be permanently marked without chemicals by means of the Pulling Hook (OX 80, RRP € 58.31 including VAT) by OCHSENKOPF. It is also available with the separate protective bar (OX 80 B, RRP € 66.52 including VAT). This useful tool, which is designed like a pocket knife, is also known as a timber scriber, is foldable and has a U-shaped blade. It makes it easy to cut grooves into a tree. Small sawmills use it to mark where a tree trunk is to be cut. The timber scriber is also ideal for scraping out parasites under the bark and minor tree diseases.

The forestry tape measure is the most commonly used tool for cutting wood to length. OCHSENKOPF offers the Tape Measure Holder (OX 129-0000, RRP € 12.20 including VAT) which is perfect for use after felling. Two rings serve as hangers for the tape measure, while the holder protects clothing from damage and injury from the tip of the hook.

Whether used individually or together, professionals can compile their own personal forestry belt with the OCHSENKOPF accessory bags, preventing unnecessary to-ing and fro-ing and saving valuable working time.


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