Axe-grinding made easy:

- 03.27.2018 -

OCHSENKOPF offers combined sanding and sharpening stone

Not something only the professionals know: axes will last longer if cared for and stored correctly. OCHSENKOPF offers the right tool for easily maintaining tool sharpness in the combined sanding and sharpening stone (OX 33-0200, RRP € 20.78 including VAT).

The sanding and sharpening stone with rounded edges is made of silicon carbide. This extremely hard material is ideal for sanding tools with predominantly flat blades such as axes and hatchets. One side of the sanding stone has coarse (120) granules for pre-sanding, the other finer (320) for more precise sanding or removal.

Different sharpening results can be achieved with the additional use of liquid. While water can be used for coarse sharpening, petroleum can be used for normal and thin fluid oil for fine sharpening. Whether for removing the burr or sharpening the blade, the sanding and sharpening stone by OCHSENKOPF is ideal for restoring tools to their original sharpness. The practical size (L 125 x W 50 x H 20 mm) and weight of only 200 g make it the perfect companion when working in a forest.


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