Award-winning quality and tested safety!

- 01.14.2019 -

OCHSENKOPF forestry tools

The special requirements of forestry and garden work require tools that guarantee a long lifetime. The optimum hardening processes, precise manufacture and strict quality assurance of OCHSENKOPF ensure that axes, hatchets and splitting tools can cope with even the toughest challenges. The high quality and safety of the tools is confirmed by renowned institutes.

For professional use, OCHSENKOPF offers tools such as the Universal Gold forestry axe (OX 20 H, from RRP € 86.87 including VAT) or the professional splitting hammer BIG OX® (OX 635 H, RRP € 111.03 including VAT), which the Board of Trustees for Forestry Work (Kuratorium für Waldarbeit und Forsttechnik e.V. (KWF)) has tested extensively for occupational safety, economy, ergonomics and environmental compatibility, and has awarded the "KWF-Profi" test mark. The "GS" mark of the Test and Research Institute (Versuchs- und Prüfanstalt (VPA)) in Remscheid also confirms compliance with all the German safety standards.

For those who only split small logs and kindling occasionally, the products with the KWF test mark "STANDARD", such as the Universal Gold forestry axe ROTBAND-PLUS (OX 620 H, from RRP € 103.89 including VAT) or the Spalt-Fix® splitting axe ROTBAND-PLUS (OX 648 H, from RRP € 94.01 including VAT) are ideal. They differ from the high standards for professional forestry work in, for instance, the performance weights or carrying comfort, but like the tools with the "KWF-Profi" mark comply fully with all the safety aspects. The ROTBAND-PLUS handle attachment exceeds the tested standards for maximum occupational safety, and protects the handle in the event of a miss.

In order to comply with the high quality standards, OCHSENKOPF uses the highest quality materials. The axe heads are made of particularly durable, resistant C60 steel, and are finished with a crowned blade cut that guarantees efficient sharpness and a long blade life. The unbreakable handle made of long-fibred hickory wood and the axe head are safely joined together by means of one wood and two ring wedges. This positive-fit connection makes OCHSENKOPF tools the perfect lifelong companions for forestry and garden work.