Proven in forest and garden

- 04.15.2019 -

OCHSENKOPF tools for professional and amateur gardeners

Nature never sleeps! Young stands, shrubs, bushes and trees required work and care. OCHSENKOPF offers tools that are suitable for professional arboriculture, for smartening up the private garden and for tackling new projects.

Wild growth and rampant plants are best dealt with by the OX 70 E + H Slashing hook (RRP from € 62.59 including VAT) by OCHSENKOPF. It is ideal for removing small plants, and can easily be drawn through soil to break up roots or pull them out of the ground. Thanks to the additional back blade, even pieces of wood can soon be reduced in size. The long handle offers protection against plants with thorns and stinging nettles. The forged version of the slashing hook is available in various sizes, and can be used with one or both hands.

The Swiss Gertel OX 252 K (RRP € 35.11 including VAT) is ideal for maintaining new growth and removing small plants. The blade made from hardened and tempered C45 steel copes readily with heavy loads, and is also ideal for dealing with shoots, branches, scrub and undergrowth. The 2-component handle with a soft plastic hand area is pleasant to hold and prevents the tool from slipping while working.

The OX 10 H-1207 Iltis axe (RRP € 98.65 including VAT) is intended for thinning out trees and removing small branches and twigs. The uniformly thin blade is hardened virtually up to the eye, which provides the optimum cut. The triple safety wedge offers the optimum protection when working in the forest or garden, and guarantees a secure hold. The OX 235 E-062 Forestry hatchet (RRP € 42.01 including VAT) can also be used for lopping. It is very handy, and guarantees precise blows.