Bull’s Eye, Baby!

- 11.27.2018 -

The OCHSENKOPF throwing axe

Axe throwing has to be the perfect sport for powering down and relieving tension. The tool has its origins in the "battle-axe". As is almost always the case, war is the father of things. What was once essential training for bloody conflict is now unbelievably popular, and arrived here as THE trend sport from the USA, where axe-throwing has long been established as one of the most exciting events at birthday parties, stag events – and even divorce parties.


Special sport axes with ultra-sharp blades also play an important role in forestry work and lumberjacking competitions. OCHSENKOPF offers the OX 18 H (RRP € 191.11 including VAT), a throwing axe that was designed specifically for the requirements of sporting competitions.

This model is a double axe with two identical blades. The forged, finely polished head balances with the high-quality hickory wood handle in perfect harmony. This guarantees the optimum trajectory. Today, axe-throwing has even started to replace the dartboards in pubs in New York, completing the image of the "urban lumberjack".

What is more important than strength or the shape of the axe is the thrower's technique. The two options are single- and two-handed throwing, the latter being carried out with the double axe. The aim of the two-arm overhead throw is to throw the axe so that it hits the "Bull's eye" in the middle of the target as precisely as possible, and then stays in the wood.

The cut of the OCHSENKOPF throwing axe can be adapted individually to the type of wood and competition discipline. The triple wedge holds the handle securely on the axe head.

What is certain: axe-throwing is the perfect sport for releasing your "inner Viking", while at the same time being meditative and one hundred percent anti-digital – the perfect balance for stressed city-dwellers.


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