It's a matter of application:

- 05.07.2019 -

the OCHSENKOPF wedges for felling and splitting

Wedges are essential helpers in wood and forestry word. The material determines the area of application and, along with the shape, helps to make felling and splitting much easier. Whether aluminium, plastic or steel, OCHSENKOPF has the suitable wedge for any purpose.

When it comes to felling trees, only wedges made of aluminium or plastic may be used. The soft material protects the chain of the chainsaw from damage on contact, and also minimises the risk of injury. In order to fell trees professionally and safely, OCHSENKOPF offers the plastic felling wedges OX 31 - 34 (RRP from € 10.50 including VAT). Made of high-quality polyamide, they are highly impact impact-proof and also ideal for working at temperature below freezing since the material has excellent cold stability. The aluminium chainsaw cutting and felling wedge OX 43 (RRP € 30.23 including VAT) is ideal specifically for working with a chainsaw. In the first instance, it is used for keeping the cut clear, and can also be used as a felling wedge on trunks of small diameters. Its small size makes it easy to transport.

The traditional steel splitting wedges OX 40 (RRP from € 21.61 including VAT) are highly effective helpers when splitting long, thick trunks and trunks with lots of branches. For safety reasons, the forged steel wedges with a guide groove may only be driven into the timber with a hardwood or plastic hammer. The aluminium splitting wedge OX 41 (RRP € 46.17 including VAT) is specifically for splitting firewood. The form is turned by 30°, which increases the angle when striking, in turn guaranteeing the maximum splitting effect. The oval design provides a greater impact surface and optimum handling, minimising misses and damage to the outer impact surfaces. The guide ribs ensure the wedge is driven straight into the wood, while the acutely angled grooves on the front, additional saw teeth on the back and the barbed hooks on both sides prevent the wedge from slipping out and jerking backwards on insertion.

The solid wedges OX 42 (RRP from € 27.25 including VAT) made of high-quality aluminium are extremely stable yet lightweight all-rounders. The acutely angled grooves on the front and double longitudinal grooves on the back prevent the forged safety wedge from jerking backwards. The aluminium hollow wedges OX 44 - 45 (RRP from € 32.37 including VAT) are particularly suitable for felling and splitting smaller wood diameters.  They are available with an exchangeable wooden socket and aluminium ring or low-wearing weatherproof plastic insert. The shaft extends the wedge effect, and thus provides a greater splitting and spreading effect.

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