The gold-standard among axes: Universal Gold forestry axe with ROTBAND-PLUS system

- 05.23.2016 -

High-quality materials and the unique ROTBAND-PLUS SYSTEM make the universal axe offered by OCHSENKOPF an indispensable tool for forestry and gardening tasks.

Remscheid, 23 May 2016 – Forestry professionals swear by the versatility and high quality offered by the Universal Gold forestry axe with ROTBAND-PLUS system offered by OCHSENKOPF, the premium manufacturer of excellent forestry tools. Weighing in at 2.1 kg and measuring more than 70 cm in length, the axe is ideal for felling and de-branching as well as for minor splitting work.

Selected materials make the forestry axe particularly robust and durable. The head is forged in Rhine form from C60 steel in Germany's oldest axe forge. The blade is fine-polished and features a blade protector.

The very best material for the axe head and handle

OCHSENKOPF only uses the very best materials for the handle which lies particularly safely in the hand thanks to quality American hickory wood which is distinguished by a high degree of flexibility and strength.

Maximum safety and efficiency are also ensured by the original ROTBAND-PLUS SYSTEM, a development by the GEDORE Group, which has set standards within the industry. This fixing system comprises a long protective steel sleeve, a tapered collar and wooden wedge, a fixing plate and a wood screw, enabling the handle and axe head to form a stable unit. Furthermore, the protective sleeve prevents damage to the handle in the event of mishits.

Test symbols such as KWF-Standard, VPA GS and the Dreipilz quality seal for high-grade steel confirm the high quality of OCHSENKOPF Universal Gold forestry axes featuring the ROTBAND-PLUS system.

OCHSENKOPF Universal Gold forestry axe ROTBAND-PLUS: the perfect tool for forestry and gardening tasks.


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