Strong and versatile!

- 03.01.2019 -

Universal GOLD forestry tools by OCHSENKOPF

Whether as a practical companion when camping or for use in the forest, the Universal GOLD forestry tools by OCHSENKOPF are ideal for a range of applications. Thanks to the special shape of the blade, the axes and hatchets in the series are genuine all-rounders when working with wood.


OCHSENKOPF offers the OX 620 H Universal GOLD forestry axe ROTBAND-PLUS (RRP € 103.89) for felling, lopping and splitting tasks. Weighing 2.1 kg and over 70 cm long, the axe is hot-forged of C60 steel in the Rhineland pattern, and has a carefully polished head and high-quality handle made of hickory wood. The ROTBAND-PLUS handle attachment ensures the maximum safety in use. The ring and wooden wedge, safety disc and wooden screw allow the blade and handle to become a single, safe unit. Furthermore, the long steel protective sleeve prevents damage to the handle in the event of a miss, which helps to ensure a long lifetime.

And when it comes to splitting logs with just one hand, or stripping branches and twigs from a trunk, the OX 235 E Forestry hatchet (RRP from € 40.58) is the solution. The high-quality handle is made of European ash. The hoof-shaped handle end adds stability and reduces the risk of slipping.

With its compact size and weighing only 600 g, the OX 270 GST All-steel hatchet (RRP € 50.10 including VAT) is the perfect companion on any outdoor and trekking activities. The tool is ideal for splitting small logs, for instance as kindling for a camp-fire. The back of the handle head can also be used to hammer guy ropes into the ground.

All of the models in the GOLD series are particularly powerful and strong – ideal as practical leisure companions and universal helpers when working in the garden or forest.