wood right

A few tips for correct handling of
an axe and your own safety.

Proper preparations and the right swing


Safety first

Our firm recommendation: You should have sturdy protective gloves, and goggles to protect your eyes from flying splinters. You should also check the axe handle to see if the axe head is securely affixed before each use, and inspect the entire axe for any damage, such as hairline cracks.


Handling and position

A wide, approximately knee-high chopping block placed on a flat surface provides the ideal basis for wood chopping. Place the piece of wood to be split on the chopping block and take the splitting axe in both hands. The right hand holds the end of the handle, while the left hand grips the upper part of the handle just below the axe head (for left handers, the reverse applies).


The right swing

Raise the axe and, as you bring the axe down slide the left hand along the handle to the end against your right hand. Often one stroke is enough to split smaller pieces of wood. For large chunks of wood, aluminium wedges can be used as an aid and must be driven in with appropriate tools such as a splitting hammer eingeschlagen werden. Steel wedges must be driven in only with a hard wood or plastic hammer.


These images are for illustrative purposes of the motion sequence. Please always wear an appropriate protective equipment and keep a safe distance.

Finding the right axe

Find out quickly whether you should work with an Universal Gold axe or a specialized splitting axe with our filter function on OCHSENKOPF axes.



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